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"We help you improve sales by generating confidence in visitors using the images that customers post on social networks."
Want to know how?
1. Select, Organize and
Thanks to our software intelligence we help you collect and organize the best images and videos generated by your customers while they are using your products or services.
It is as easy as monitoring a hashtag, selecting the images and videos that fit the best for your brand and start making money from them.
You can also organize any interesting content for your brand in different albums: "Inspiration", "Competitors" ... Whatever you want!
2. Ask for rights
As it is necessary by law to ask permission from the creator of the content before we can use it, we have made it easy for you and we have automated that task.
With one click, we ask permission to the creator. Once granted, we provide you the content so you can use it when and where you want without having to do anything. Fivehop takes care of everything!
3. Tag multiples products
Once the permission is requested, you can already tag the products that appear in the image or the video while rights confirmation is pending.
The image will appear in the feed so you can see it when designing the gallery, but it will never be displayed on the web until you get the rights. Only when you will get the permission, the content will be displayed directly on your web with the products already labeled without you do anything. It is that simple!
4. Sell more
Design and publish in four steps beautiful galleries where are showed all the photos and videos you have selected and then put them on any web page, ecommerce, product page, blog, email, etc.
Fivehop increases: the time of permanence on site, the average value of the order and increases your sales thanks to the social guarantee created showing images of real people using the products and services that the brand offers. 85% of customers consult content generated by other customers and users before making a purchase.
5. Analyze, learn and improve
Analyze in an intuitive way and in real time all the clicks, the success of your campaigns, the ROI of each photo and video, the increase in your conversion rate, and engagement. Identify the most successful and best-selling photos and start a relationship with the ambassadors who generate better photos and videos about your brand.
If you are not still convinced, here are more benefits

Increase conversions

Including photos of real customers as a social endorsement increases purchase conversions by 30%.

Increase the engagement

Engagement increases significantly on pages that include photos generated by users and customers.

Increase the time on site

More than 65% of customers browse content generated by users before making a purchase on a website.

Help customers

Use tags to label the products that your customers have uploaded and help the rest to find easily the products they like.

Understand how your content works

Fivehop let you know the results from every photo interactions conversions generated, etc.

Improve the appearance of your web

The constant posting of new photos with products from clients and users make the page be updated automatically and therefore improves the SEO.

Find brand ambassadors

Meet the people who work as brand ambassadors, influential people, etc., benefit from their content and offer them promotions.

Measure, analyze and get better

Analyze the growth in a simple and intuitive way using the graphics that Fivehop generates for you.

Watch the world

Listen to the internet word of mouth generated by your products and talk to the people who are generating this content.