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"Fivehop helps brands selling more with Instagram."
And how it works?
1. Select, Manage and Tag
Combine your Instagram posts along with those that you've been tagged by other users. Organize all the content and tag your products so that your visitors can identify them and access them directly on your website.
2. Customize
any detail
With our customization tool, you can design easily galeries with your selected Instagram pics. In just 1 minute, you can customize and embed them anywhere on your website. Choose the style you want: in one row, grid, with your brand colors, different shapes and more. The best of all is that you can change it in a easy way and WITHOUT PROGRAMMING CODE.
3. Add & change fast galleries on your website
Choose where you want to show the galleries you have created: Web, E-commerce, blog, etc.<br> You can also add specific widgets on your product pages that only will show automatically the photos related to that products without doing anything. That easy!
4. Get performance analytics
of your "shoppable" posts on your website
Analyze in an intuitive way and in real time the success of your campaigns and the ROI of the photos of your galleries. Evaluate the conversion rate, identify the most successful and sales-generating photos, and start a relationship with the ambassadors that generate the best content for your brand. The galleries you create with Fivehop use Google Analytics tracking events. This way you'll be able to track all the information and you'll get it sorted in your panel.
5. Change it
Want to change the galleries design?
Customize your galleries changing the parameters in Fivehop. Automatically you'll see the changes on your website without having to program any code. QUICK AND EASY!
What benefits will you get from Fivehop?

Increase conversions

Tagging photos and videos with the products that appear in them can make users find and buy the products they like faster. In case of real customers' photos, conversion rate rises 30%.

Increase the engagement

Engagement increases significantly on pages that make shopping easier for customers.

Increase the time of permanence

By creating new specific galleries with selected Instagram content, customer can navigate between products without leaving your web.

Helping customers

By tagging products in each photo, you help customers get more easily to the products they like.

Understand how your content works

With Fivehop you know the results of the interactions in photos, conversions that have generated, etc.

Improve your web appearance

The pages of the web are updated continuously, as the brand and users upload content to Instagram. Your pages are more dynamic and attractive for your visitors.