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And how it works?
1. Select, Manage and Tag
Select and manage the images and videos you share on Instagram, organize all the content and tag your products so people can identify them and access directly to your web. You can also tag multiple products in each image.
2. Customize
any detail
With our customization tool, you can create many galleries with different styles. You can change absolutely everything: columns, rows, colors, margins, borders, fonts and more. In only 1 minute and NO CODE.
3. Add Galleries anywhere
Choose where you want to show the galleries you have created: Web, E-commerce, blog, etc. You can also add specyfic widgets on your product pages that only will show automatically the photos related to that products without doing anything . That easy!
4. Grow
more and better
Check out traffic-generating posts to your site. Measure click-through rates and traffic over time. Optimize the content that best behaves to increase the views of the products and the value of orders. We have created Google Analytics tracking events in your galleries so you can crawl everything from clicks to conversions for each image.
5. Change it
Want to change the galleries design?
You only have to change the parameters in Fivehop, and you will automatically get the changes on your website without having to touch any code. QUICK AND EASY!
What benefits will you get from Fivehop?

Increase conversions

Tagging photos and videos with the products that appear in photos can make users find and buy the products they like faster.

Increase the engagement

Engagement increases significantly on pages that make shopping easier for customers.

Increase the time of permanence

By creating new specific galleries with selected Instagram content, customer can navigate between products without leaving your web.

Helping customers

By tagging products in each photo, you help customers get more easily to the products they like.

Understand how your content works

With Fivehop you know the results of the interactions in photos, conversions that have generated, etc.

Improve your web appearance

The constant post of photos in Instagram by the brand is simultaneously updated online and therefore improves SEO.